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    Can I manually install a PJ App on my 9210?

    While I can't get The NDS PJAE environment to work, I can develop and emulate apps with The Symbian toolkit.

    Am I right in thinking that the is just for packaging things into .SIS files?

    If so, presumably I can directly place my PJava programs onto the 9210 in the same way I do with the emulator?

    Is there any documentation as to how to do this, i.e. which files go where and what they do etc?

    I've got as far as making the "Hello" app appear in the "Extras" but it doesn't run.

    In System\Apps\Hello i've put

    But I'm not clear about where I should put my jars.

    Also, Hello.txt seemed to be the command line arguments for my program.

    In the emulator this contains:
    -cp j:\Hello\helloapp.jar Hello

    Is this used on the communicator? If so I'm in trouble since PC Suite converted it to Word :-)

    Any help appreciated.

    a) PC Suite converted one of the .txt files to Word :-)
    b) I'm not sure what the

    Posted by Paul Sidnell, paul@sidnell.co.uk
    on February 21, 2002 at 14:12

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    RE: Can I manually install a PJ App on my 9210?

    Posted by Forum Nokia Developer Support, communicator.developer@nokia.com
    on February 25, 2002 at 11:47

    What kind of problems you have with the NDS for PJAE? By using this toolkit you could start and close the emulator, configure emulator and installation package settings and finally create the installation package and install the application to the device.

    For more information about the file systems in the emulator and the device, read the SDK documentation and the document "How to develop Java Applications for the Nokia 9210 Communicator". The document can be found at Forum Nokia web site.

    Basically, there is not much difference in the emulator's and the device's file systems. However, one difference is that you don't have j: drive in the device. You should copy the application files to the /System/Apps/your_app folder. You should include at least .app, .txt and .class or .jar files. Also, .aif and .mbm files are needed, if you have your own icon for your app.

    If you transfer your files by using PC Suite, it will as default convert .txt file to the Symbian OS Word format. You can prevent this, if you drag and drop your file by using right button of your mouse.


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