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    Cross Resolution Problem

    Hi All..

    We are Developing an Xhtml portal where we have lots of images and animations. The Main Problem is the Cross resolution maintainence.

    We are currently testing our portal in Nokia 3650, and we have designed the images according to its resolution(176 x 208 pixels )

    Some of our guys who have tested the site in Nokia 3250(might be of lesser resoultion than 3650) , says that, most of the
    images are displayed only 75% and the alignment we made(keeping in view , the resolution of nokia3650) is scrambled.

    Since,it is not possible to create different images with different sizes(as accordingly to each mobile screen size),
    Is there a way to show the images in a similar manner as we designed without any image shrinking or any other discrepency

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    Have you tried using something like this
    <img src="ImageName.jpg" alt="" height="120" width="128" />
    to restrict the image size to something smaller that would be viewed nicely on all phones?

    If you want to fit the screen exactly, you could be a bit more sophisticated and check the "User-Agent" header delivered in the mobile requests to determine what phone is requesting images and then deliver content accordingly. Many mobile websites and even PC websites do this.

    Well... don't know if that was helpful. I'd like to know of anyone else has some creative ideas!

    Best of luck!

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    Hi quyen

    Thanks for the reply.
    But i do still have some doubts.

    If we give the height and width of the image, the quality of the image will be differrent in different mobiles., which will not be accepted by our folks.

    Currently we are trying to consider a scenerio, where
    the images would be designed in such a way that, we would
    design the image for the least resoultion(say 128*128 px)
    and the border behind the image would be designed for
    maximum resolution(say:178*208).So even if a user browses the site from small mobile only the left or right border would be chopped off.

    We already implemented this scenerio,and would get the feedback by a day or two.

    SudheerKumar HKV

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