I have a MIDlet that needs to work on a 6600 I have borrowed (designed for 3650 MIDP1.0) - and I had a number of features such as sprite transparency that relied on NokiaUI DirectGraphics Support preventing the application from running correctly.

From running tests with nokiaUI.DirectGraphics- the 6600's native pixel Format is reported as TYPE_USHORT_565_RGB (64k pallette) - but doesnt support the TYPE_USHORT_444_ARGB format found in the 3650/7650.

Although I realize that I could rewrite code to support the new Graphics Class in MIDP2.0 and use the int_ARGB format - however it wouldn't allow me to reuse the code between platforms.

Ideally I would like have the same MIDlet working on both platforms both using MIDP1.0/NokiaUI (and determing the pixel format via .getNativeFormat method)..

So I have two questions that I would greatly appreciate help on :

1) Which Emulators/SDK's actually support this 565_RGB pixel format? The Concept SDK 0.3 doesn't support it according to it's release notes.(only 444 and 888)? Is the v1.2.1 SDK capable of it?

2) How do I allow the Pixel Arrays (of short[]) to contain transparent Pixels with the 565_RGB format? Is this Possible or has transparency support been dropped from this phone?
Some of my routines rely on the ability to have transparent pixels within the array of pixels (ie graphical font class.) - and I think getting the dest pixels and mixing the pixels myself wouldn't be efficient.

Any help/comments appreciated...