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    Hi auvinent! This is for you! I'm looking for Good mobile for 2-Way SMS


    We are a software development company in India. We are developing a SMS application as a part of our new product for 2 way communication. Sole purpose is to recieve SMS from users at the mobile connected to the server and replying back by sending SMS thru that mobile phone.

    Can you please let us know which NOKIA mobile will be suitable for this purpose. We are inclined to use AT Commands for the same (if they are platfrom independent). We wud highly obliged if you can provide some brief info on AT Commands too.

    Please also let us know that what all Accessories (data cords and all) will be required with that mobile.

    Kindly mail at ur earliest as one of our employee is going to Europe on tour we'll ask him to buy it as in India one can't find accessories that easily.


    Parag Bhargava
    Software Engineer
    Metalayer AG
    Email: pegsnpops@hotmail.com

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    how to go live

    Dear Sir,
    we r new to developing wireless applications in java and we dont know how we will get our applications in the air , we r testing on simulators only right now.
    kindly plz if u know about it plz reply.

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    java sms api.

    Dear sir, we have developed java sms api supporting cimd2, smpp, ucp, gsm data. If you u would like to know more about it, please send us email on jurik@terra.ee
    hope to hear from you soon.
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