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    Palm M series + Bluetooth SD Card + 6310

    Ok, it appears Nokia Forum have deleted my question from 23rd May, so here it is again...6310 does not work with Palm M series + Bluetooth SD Card. This statement came from Palm! Palm say they are waiting for Nokia to develop the phone driver, send it to them to test before they can release it to the world...when will Nokia release the phone driver?

    Also, Palm say that Nokia are upgrading the 6310 firmware to enable proper Bluetooth comms, is this correct?

    Either way, many people want a 6310 to work with a Bluetooth SD card in their PDA...giving answers that invlove 'quickly' input the pass code are not reliable solutions...When will you have this fixed?

    Yours faithfully,

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    RE: Palm M series + Bluetooth SD Card + 6310

    Upgrade you nokia software to v4.2 or better use a simple passkey eg.1 it is near the nokia select key but speed is not required with v4.2
    SMS works
    Dialer works
    Dial from contacts works
    All send functions work
    Avantgo works
    Webclipping works
    Having difficulty with Wap only

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    RE: Palm M series + Bluetooth SD Card + 6310

    I am also in the same boat as you - just bought a Nok6310 to go with my bluetooth enabled m505. Very dissapointed that no drivers or documentation is available. Also my Nok6310 doesnt want to know about my bluetooth enabled laptop. Its a TDK bluetooth card in the laptop - but you would think it would work.. NO!

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    RE: Palm M series + Bluetooth SD Card + 6310


    Try the following that i found on the net...
    It works on my 6310i V4.07
    Look on my ### remarks as well...


    Eureka: it works (ok, partially, but I guess I have to explore more...)
    1. go to the "prefs" application
    2. select the connection menu (the tab on right upper corner)
    3. create a new entry called, for ex. BlMdmNok6310 with the following parameters
    - connect to : Modem (yes modem!)
    - Via : Bluetooth
    4. Activate the bluetooth mode on your phone: (I suppose you already gave a name to your phone in the parameters of the bluetooth section)
    5. On your palm again: tap on the "device: "tap to find" >> you should see the name you gave to your phone in step 4
    6. Tap on the name of your phone, and accept it to the list of the trusted devices
    !!! lok at your phone; it should ask for an acceptation of the bluetooth connection

    #### Did not show anything on my 6310i ####
    7. Enter a passkey but remebre it because you will need it 1 time later
    8. Even if it worked, check the "details" on the bottom of the palm screen and adjust the init string of the modem with the following: AT&F (thanks to the Nokia Careline, after 3 calls...). The control flux (in french...) should be automatic, and I tried to upper the speed until 115200 and it worked.
    9. On your phone, ask, in the bluetooth section, to see the binded devices. You should see your plam and take the occasion to make it trusted by you phone by entering the key mentioned in step 6, and setting it to no more ask for an authorisation from your own palm to be accepted (>>automatic connection).
    I hope it works with you all too.... but it is not finished
    10. On your palm, on the prefs application, select the Network tab, complete the "service" with a name for your connectionto your provider, enter your username as it appears in your standard connection, your password if you would like, and on connection, choose the connection name you created on step 3, and enter the phone number of your provider, and try.....
    I got the auto bluetooth conn. with my 6310, and I was asked for my password as I used ti enter it on my pc every time I connect to the Internet.
    And thats all.......!

    ### The 6310i did no show any connection query on the initial BT search. ###
    ### But when connecting the first time it showed the question ###

    Note that:
    1. Even connected, I hadnt time enough to explore how to retrieve my mails (I guess I have to look to install some application to my palm)
    2. The above installation does no work while trying to connect DIRECTLY to the phone, for example to send SMS msg, ...
    I am still searching.
    Hoping that this will help someS.
    Good luck an please inform about success
    Regards to all

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