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    infrared communication Program Problem

    when write the Symbian 6.1 platform c++ code for infrared port communication problem, i found that it seems that SIR (Serial port ) is not supported.
    when i use "ourCapabilities().iSIR" to detect test, i always get 0.
    and when i try to enable SIR or do some SIR setting, I got errror code saying "not support"
    if SIR is really not support, any effect to IRDA communication?
    Actually i try to use 7650 to communicate a non-symbian simply device which complying with IRDA. i failed although my code works when communicate 7650 with other handphones.
    thanks in advance,

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    I'm seeing the topic on IrDA communication in many forums. I guess still no one has completed it successfully.

    Even I'm trying to program on IrDA trying to write info onto non-Symbian Devices. It seems that the API's provided by Series-60 for IrDA might not be compatible with nonsymbian IrDA devices. I just happened to read this in one of the Symbian Communication books.

    I'm actually trying to write onto Consumer IrDA devices like TV, DVD etc. .
    You could probably try the Sockets approach. Using RHostResolver you can check if you are atleast able to discover the non-symbian device. If yes then it should support one of the IrDA standard and probably you should also be able to write data.


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    IrDA != Infra-red

    The Symbian Stack is IrDA (Infra-red Data Assciation) V1.1 compliant and will communicate with other compatible devices which include devices like Palm, Pocket PC, Windows 98,2000 etc...

    The infra-red transciever in the Symbian phone is only IrDA compliant... it does not do the standrads that are used for consumer products such as DVDs and TV etc... you however bypass the stack and talk to the this HW directly and use techniques to get the device to work as a remote... see www.psiloc.com for one such product.

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