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    Is this possible?

    my thesis for my last year of study is to build an application that will read data from the sim card. The data written in the sim card is a tag based text format, much like HTML. etc (<center>My Name</center> )....the application will read this data and display it in the screen with the format specified in the sim card.

    Data is written using a sim card writer. It will be saved in the sim card as a SMS message. This is a sample of the message in the sim card.


    The software i am building will read the data and from the sim card and interpret the tags and display the message in the screen of the phone without the tags and of the proper format. It works similarly with a browser interpreting HTML.

    I just want to know if this project is possible or not? Any suggestions in developing this application? Take note that my application runs on the phone, not on a computer

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    according to the thesis you talk about, know that there is nothing impossible in the computer science field, this is not a scientific answer, but, on the other hand, the topic related to the SMS formats possible in the sim card and the SMSReader if it exists.....this idea maybe useless since the EMS technology covers it....

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