Hello all,

I am trying to build a server application on a Series 60 phone that listens
for incoming TCP connections. Based on the Socket API documentation and
SmallServ I have such an application already running in the emulator. At
least Open, Bind, Listen, Accept, SetActive all complete without errors.
However, I cannot connect to this application from my WinXP command line
using telnet and the specified port -- RunL of CActive is never called!

1. What is the IP address of the emulator? I have tried the address of the
machine it is running on and the two (different) IP addresses that are shown
in mRouterLite on the Sockets tab. For RSocket::Bind I used (KInetAddrAny,
KDefaultPortNumber), but when I invoke RSocket::LocalName it just returns

2. Is it possible to _connect_ to the emulator via TCP/IP at all?

3. Is it possible to connect to the emulator via TCP/IP from the machine it
is running on (ie. my commandline, using telnet <IP> <port>)?

4. When my program sets up the listening port I am not asked whether a
connection should be established. That is why I connect to mRouterLite by
invoking Services->NT RAS in the emulator before starting my application.
Why am I not asked automatically whether a connection should be established?

My system:
Windows XP
Nokia Series 60 SDK
EPOC Emulator which uses my local internet connection via NT RAS, Virtual
Com-Ports and mRouterLite. Outgoing connection to a WAP gateway works!

Any help or ideas greatly appreciated!