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    UI: Application Area

    Describe the Application Area of the display

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    RE: UI: Application Area

    The size of the Application Area varies, depending on the width of the Indicator Area and the CBA (Command Button Area). The application layout must also fit into the smallest possible area if the CBA is at its maximum width.
    Basically, the Application Area consists of a title, margins and list area. The controls reside on the application area alongside the given instructions described in the graphic controls.

    The title provides basic information on an open item on the screen. The information shown in the title can be:
    - The name of the application
    - The name or other identification of the open item (for example, the name of the contact card holder)
    - The name of the open document
    - Miscellaneous information or indication, e.g.:
    - status of the connection or other information that cannot be shown in the Indicator Area
    - application dependent information that is not displayed elsewhere in the Application Area

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