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Thread: Phone Settings

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    Phone Settings


    I would like to know if there are any J2ME API's available that enable developers to manipulate the screensavers and or wallpapers (i.e. change these settings using java) on any series 40 devices.

    If this is not possible on series 40, is it possible on series 60 devices using symbion?

    If these API's are not available, is it possible for independant developers to create them, or can these API's only be released by nokia? If they can be created by independant developers, could you please point me the right direction to do so.

    Also, are there any forthcoming API's that would enable developers to manage these settings.


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    There is no facility in J2ME to allow reconfiguration of the phone. You cannot add this, and it cannot be added without altering the Java runtime in your phone! MIDP is intended to protect users from potentially malicious software, as most MIDP applications are downloaded from the internet. So I think that this kind of functionality is unlikely to appear, unless there is a change of philosophy.


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    OEM apis in Nokia kJava VM

    The API for setting wallpaper is not included in J2ME.
    If this fuctionality exists in some kJava VM, it should be added additional OEM api.

    In korean market, for example SKTelecom, there is api for setting wallpaper, ringtone in kJava appls.
    of course it is SKT OEM specific API.

    In nokia kJava VM, is there no additional API for setting wallpaper/ringtone?

    maybe kJava Media API is related to this issue?

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