I am currently writing a VB software which connect to Nokia N30 modem to receive, process and send sms.
Actually, it wasn't receiving sms which is giving me problem, but i need to find an efficient way to detect new incoming sms.
I read the N30 at command guide, there is a prt teaching us how to use the CNMI command to have the new sms to redirect to Terminal.

My question is as below:

1. WHat is the best way (efficient) to detect new imcoming sms?
2. If let's say I use the CNMI command, how do I know when I have finish receiving the SMS? (the onComm event in VB does not return the whole SMS in one shot)
3. I came across a thead talking about Nokia Smart Adapter SDK. Can the SDK be use with N30?

Lastly, thanks for your reply in advance.