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    Bootstrap Port number in header using WDP

    Could anyone please tell me the port number of the header in the bootstrap document if I use WDP to send the document?

    I have checked the WAP Specification but wonder which is appropriate

    WAP Push connectionless session service (client side) 2948
    Protocol: WSP/Datagram

    WAP Push secure connectionless session service (client side) 2949
    Protocol: WSP/WTLS/Datagram

    WAP connectionless session service 9200
    Protocol: WSP/Datagram

    WAP secure connectionless session service 9202
    Protocol: WSP/WTLS/Datagram

    WAP session service 9201
    Protocol: WSP/WTP/Datagram

    WAP secure session service 9203
    Protocol: WSP/WTP/WTLS/Datagram

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    Try 2948 or 0x0B84

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