new motherboard
Dell has replaced the motherboard. I have reinstalled with the latest drivers and system utils from dell. I have tested XP home Norwegian edition, and XP pro ENG, but to no awail. The sim card is still not detected.
Bios version A05
Also tested the newest intel chipset drivers 5.2 (downloaded directly from intel, since dell's newest version is 4.20 (A04).
The only thing that is diffrent after it was returned from dell is that now it does not work at all. Before I replaced the board it would work for a short time after i reinstalled the drivers. But not any more.
The d211 still works perfectly with my test laptop.
It's very good that you have bought the machine to test. But there must be something diffrent with your machine's hardware since it works. Can you list detailed information about the hardware so I can compare?
I have also tried the method described erlier abou stopping the services and sctivtaing manually, but I am unable to communicate withe the moedm.
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Merry Christmas:-)