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Thread: Using Colours

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    Using Colours

    What are the guidelines for using colours in Nokia 9210?

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    RE: Using Colours

    The display colour is 12 bits and the total colour capability is 4096 tones.
    The communicator UI uses a system palette that defines the colour for every control and component in the UI. In the UI, there are four optional system palettes.
    If new components are created, the colours should conform to the system palette.

    Keep it simple. In addition to black, grey and white, one main colour in the system is enough. Usually, the dominant colour is presented in the Title bar.

    The background of the Application Area and dialogs is white. Texts are mainly black. Coloured components are mainly light grey. The contrast ratio of the background and text should be at least 3:1.
    Strong colours should be used economically, i.e. only to highlight important information.

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