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    [SOLVED] .SIS killing a running application?

    Well, sorry for wasted bandwidth - as usual, 10 minutes after I posted that message, I found the solution: it was to invert the killing and the bg-application positions in the .pkg file (the 2 MyAppKiller lines AFTER the 3 MyApp line).

    Sorry for that,

    Original post:

    Hello all.

    I have a problem with a background-only application (application launched by a recognizer) when I want to upgrade/remove it. Since it is busy, the installation fails...

    I did a little application which kills that application and exits, and I tried playing with the FR (FILERUN) option of the .pkg file, with no success until now :-(

    I have the following lines in my pkg:

    ; We have to kill the previous MyApp, which may be running

    ; Installs the background-only application

    But it does not work as I was hoping, since the warning message is displayed - even if clicking on Ignore will successfully launch my killing application and continue the installation...

    So, has any of you a solution? I heard it IS possible, but now I really wonder how...

    Thanks for your attention (and help?),
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