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    UI: Full Screen Mode

    Describe the Full Screen Mode of an application

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    RE: UI: Full Screen Mode

    Full Screen Mode means that the Application Area uses all the space on the communicator screen. Full Screen Mode enables users to have more space for editing or viewing.

    When Full Screen Mode is active, neither the Indicator Area nor the Command Button Area are seen on the screen. Showing the title in Full Screen Mode is optional. Full Screen Mode can be set on and off in the Menu (by check mark).

    When Full Screen Mode is active, before launching any commands the CBA or Menu must first be activated by pressing the related button:

    Button pressed Visible on the screen
    Menu Menu + CBA
    Accelerator -
    Other QWERTY keys -

    After the activation, the Indicator Area and the Command Button Area simply slide over the contents of the Application Area, while some of the contents in the far left and far right-hand sides of the screen are left in the background. After activating a command in the Full Screen Mode, the Application Area again occupies all the space on the screen, i.e. if the CBA or Menu or an Indicator Area are active, they disappear from the screen.

    The screen returns to the Full Screen Mode if
    > a command (Menu or Command Button based) is executed
    > the Menu is closed, or
    > time-out has expired

    Note: Command Button Area is not cleared if a dialog or note is open on the Screen. The Full Screen Mode is resumed only when exiting the dialog/note.

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    Show image in full screen


    Can you please help me to show an image using the full screen mode on series 60.

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    just take the whole screen to be the applications window area, and draw the image into the full rect...


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