I have a problem with the Nokia 3650. When requesting xhtml pages it works fine. Links work fine, etc. However, once I want to do a post via a form it doesn't work fine.

E.g. the following form reports an error that the page is not available:
<form id="frmNieuwLid1" method="post" action="test.aspx?__ufps=678693">
<input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE" value="aDxfX1A7QDw75Z+p47Gy5rKK4KOGLDA7Pjs+Uh2c5u+OBO/NdgKQbMZ0DtIfUgQ="/><span class="s0">Test
<br/><div class="s1">Some text
<div class="s2">
<input type="submit" name="cmdNext1" value="Next..." accesskey="1"/>

This page works fine via the openwave simulator + in other mobile devices it also works fine.

Any ideas what is wrong? Does the 3650 need a full url instead of a relative path?