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    The use of notes in UI

    Describe the use of notes in 9210 UI

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    RE: The use of notes in UI

    There are several types of note that inform the user or that request user actions. Here is a list of notes and some guidelines on how to use them:

    -The notes are located in the centre of the screen, if not specified otherwise.

    -Notes have a drop shadow, and in most cases the background dims when the note appears.

    -Frame and size dimensions are the same for Notes as for Dialogs.

    -Notes only fit five lines of text, and do not scroll in most cases.

    Keep messages short and to the point:

    -The messages are only on the screen for a short time, so the user will not be able to read and understand a message that is very long.

    -Remove the predicate (verb 'to be') unless it helps to remove ambiguity: ''Entry copied.''

    Do not use 'Busy' when you could be more specific. For example, while connecting to the server, use 'Connecting to the server <server_name>' .

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