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    send at commands from PLC to GSM Terminal

    I want to send at commands from a PLC ( S7-200 Siemens) to the gsm terminal Nokia 20. But I don't know how I can replace the carriage return ( ASCII caracter = 013 ) and the control-z ( ASCII caracter=026) because I send the at commands through the programm of the PLC. Can anybody tell me the syntax that at commands must have?

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    RE: send at commands from PLC to GSM Terminal

    Dear Customer,

    just send ASCII character 026d (1Ah) to the line, preferably using HEX character set (AT+CSCS="HEX&quot.

    Kind Regards,
    M2M developer support team

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    I have done some work on GE Fanuc PLCs with GSM30
    It says you need <CR> <LF> ">" ignore the quotation marks and a space. Hex values 0d , oa, 3e, 22 I don't know about the greater than as it appears in my messages ? but when you tap the ENTER key (return) on your PC keyboard it is actually doing CR and LF at the one moment This took some time to identify and as it worked fine in hyperterminal I was baffled.

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