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    Developing a Java or Symbian app ??

    Hi folks,

    since i'm a poor student with some programming skills (Java/c++) i was asking myself if i should try to earn some money by developing games/applications for mobile phones. The question now is whether i should develop a symbian app or java app. I know that the advantage of symbian is that it doesn't have such limitations as a java game (~ 64k of size), but with a java app i guess i would reach more people, since more people have a java phone. Is it possible to earn money with it, since the existence of warez ? Anyone got a sucess story for me ?? Or should i try to earn money somewhere else ?? It is not only about money. I also want to learn about programming stuff for my mobile phone. But as i told you i'm a poor student and some money wouldn't be bad

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    As long as you develop alone and at home i don't believe that there is a way for you to earn money in this business. It's even hard to find student jobs in most cities in the mobile development field. And if you want to develop commercial J2ME games you need a grafic artist (games without grafics are a bit boring) and some J2ME phones on which you can test you applications.

    Sebastian Szczygiel

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