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    handling incoming calls in J2ME project

    in my j2me project , how can i handle an incoming call. multithreading is fine. but how to implement it.
    sujoy das

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    showNotify / hideNotify


    The Canvas method hideNotify() tells you when a system
    screen (like the system screen for an incoming phone call, battery recharging, etc.) is hiding the MIDlet's display. The Canvas method showNotify() tells you when the MIDlet display should be visible again.

    The Displayable method isShown() is also helpful in this respect
    sometimes, in a non-Canvas screen that has running threads or side-effects that should pause when the MIDlet is hidden by a system screen.

    None of the above specifically tells you that an incoming phone call has occurred (vs. you plugged the phone into a battery charger). But they do tell you that 'something' has happened,
    and perhaps the MIDlet (e.g. a game with animated and moving sprites) should do nothing (e.g. not tick, not repaint, not play sounds, etc.) until the MIDlet is visible again.

    I'm not sure if this is what you meant by your question
    but I hope this helps.


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    how can we read battery status

    Hi! How can I read battery status and other internals in my mobile. Is there any class provided by J2ME? Or it is platform dependent?

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