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    Installation Problem

    hello there. i'm new to developing SW for mobile so pardon my question.

    i have j2sdk 1.4.2 installed on my machine. i believe that my installation is correct as am i able to run and create Java Apps.

    i installed Series 60 SDk for Symbian OS, Nokia Edition ver1.2 (the 90MB file). however, when i run the AIF Builder in the Dev Tools menu (or any other tools), I always get the error that "no suitable JRE is installed." it looks for jre 1.3.1_01. i tried uninstalling my JavaSDK to install 1.3.1_09 as j2sdk1.3.1_01 but it still doesn't work. i tried to look for documentation on installation procedures but i just couldn't find it.

    please help.

    thanks a lot!

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    listen to me.

    Uninstall ALL Java SDK, Nokia SDK and Active Perl.

    Then download these file:

    (ns60_sdk_v1_2.zip - 90.5 mb) - URL:

    Java2 SDK, Standard Edition v.1.3.1_01 Windows Version
    (j2sdk-1_3_1_01-win.exe - 32.8 mb) - URL:

    Active Perl 5.8.0 build 806 Windows MSI
    (ActivePerl- - 11.2 mb) - URL:

    Then, install FIRST Active Perl, THEN Java2 SDK.
    Restart PC.
    Now you can installa Nokia SDK.
    Restart PC.

    Now it should work.

    But in my opinion AIF Builder work REALLY REALLY BAD,
    It's better to do this.
    Install the Application Wizard:


    And use it !! It work really really better !!!

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