Hi all,

I recently bought a Nokia 3650. Im realy happy with the phone except for the fact that it is a bit slower than other nokia phones which i have used (may be b'coz it has got symbian on it). It really takes some time recognize the menu selections.
But what really annoys me is the missed call logger. Whenever i receive a missed call, the phone will show me a time which is 1/2 hour less. This means to say that if i get a missed call at 8:30 PM the missed call logger will show me that the call came at 8:00 PM. It exactly looses 30 mins when loging the call.

Can anyone help me?.....with a some thing that can solve my problem. Or is it that something is wrong with my phone. As it is a new one i wud like to exchange it..for a new one if it is something to do with the phone..!!