I'm trying to write an app which would seamlessly (i.e. without user interaction) intercept incoming SMSs, and reply to them.
I basically follow the outlines from the "Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones" book, especially chapters on AOs and their SMS implementation of GDP.
First, I struggled a lot to get the sending functionality in place, getting -5 (that is, KErrNotSupported) runtime errors on RSocket.Ioctl execution. Somehow, I finally managed to work that out, but now I'm stuck with receiving SMSs.
For now, I just want to have a regular GUI app which waits for incoming SMSs. What I do is

void MyClass::ReceiveSmsL()
RSocketServ iSocketServ;
RSocket iSocket;
CSMSReceiver* receiver;
iSocket.Open(iSocketServ, KSMSAddrFamily, KSockDatagram, KSMSDatagramProtocol);
TSmsAddr smsAddr;

receiver = CSMSReceiver::NewL();
TPckgBuf<TUint> ioctlResult = KSockSelectRead;
iSocket.Ioctl(KIOctlSelect,receiver->iStatus ,&ioctlResult, KSOLSocket);
and CSMSReceiver only shows an info window in its RunL() method (I never got to see this window, though..)
.When I send an SMS it goes to the phone's inbox, rather than being caught by my app, like I wanted it to work.
CSMSReceiver, which derives after CActive, is for sure set to active and registered with the scheduler.
Where is the problem? I try it on 3650.
Thanks in advance for any help on this,