i am just a newbee in this area of wirless work and i really need help from u guys to guide some how.
i read so many manual and atleast now i found what shall i do to make it.

i have downloaded and installed these
Jbuilder5 with mobile set
then i have download the nokia sreies 40 beta sdk

ok now installtion is completed and i have seen some demo work of mobile application by managing the JDK to series40 SDK.
now i have seen in my lib folder of nokia there is a file called classes.zip but how i can use those graphic files in my work ???? i am really so confuse i read the documents that came with it but still useless atleast some one push me a bit in this case then i am sure ill start walk in this wirless work.
suppose if i want to use full canvas image file jpg how i can manage it???
please guide me