I have an application (for Series 60) which I wish to test.
This application performs some action on the basis of the Incoming call.
Now I have the NOKIA Series 60 Emulator (SDK v 1.2) on which I want to test. Now How do I simulate an Incoming call in the Emulator.

I downloaded Nokia Testing Suite v 1.2 ...
This basically talks about a Client-Server Model wherein we have a Workstation end where NOKIA Testing Suite is present and a Symbian Device End where we have NOKIA Testing Suite Client side is present. As part of the package Nokia has provided a .sis file for each of mobile phone viz. 7650, 3650 etc. But what's its equivalent for the Emulator (I mean In case I dont want to use the phone and wish to use only the Emulator.. How do we go about it).

The Release Notes says this Suite can be used for testing application on the Emulator.. But doesn't give much info on this...

Any Idea How we can go about!?
Ramakrishnan. S