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    Memory Access within the N-Gage & question regarding larger memory cards.

    This is a general question really since I am not a liscensed developer for the N-Gage.

    How much RAM or equivalent memory does the N-Gage actually have? The FAQ seems to completely leave that question out of place.

    In the FAQ question 2.2 it states that "Game data can be drawn from the memory card during play, so the full memory space of the card can be used." And thats about all it has to say about memory.

    When working with the N-Gage how much memory is available for programs? Is this information kept from developers interested in working with the N-Gage and will only be released to registered developers that have been accepted by Nokia?

    Second question is:

    In the FAQ they mention that "Cards up to 128 mb in size are also available, but their use requires special authorization from Nokia."

    What type of authorization, is this type of authorization very limited and hard to get? When developing a game, how much should I aim for in size, or do most "Rich" type games have access to these memory cards?

    Currently I am a video game programmer student at CDIS (Center of Digital Imaging and Sound) and I am considering along with a few other students developing a demo game for submission so that we can have access to the N-Gage SDK and hopefully get the game published. However as a potential developer I would like to get more information about these questions so that I can further organize and project the game development.

    Certain questions as "Are we going to make the game 2d or 3d" are relatively important questions before we start designing certain aspects of the engine as well as creating media for the game. We don't want to create functionaly or other material that will not be used for the game or will create a bulkier and slower engine.

    If no one can provide me with the answers to these questions, could someone hopefully indicate whom I should address these questions to so that I can have them answered.



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    N-Gage has 16 megabytes of ram, of which you can use 8 megabytes for your game / application.

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    Thank you!

    Now, when you say there are 16 MB of RAM, does that really mean RAM? Not "Flash RAM", not potentially available MMC kind of stuff, but good, old-fashioned, needs-power-to-remember, fast, random-access memory available for programs to stuff run-time variables into? Nokia's approach to system specs seems mostly to be marketing fluff and "don't worry your pretty little head" about real hardware specs. Sometimes they say "varies", but never what the limits are.

    Thank you for providing a straight answer with actual numbers.


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