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    what is the meaning of leave code= - 2147483647

    what is the meaning when leave code= - 2147483647

    when i try to do IAS querying

    TIASQuery querybuf(aClassName,aAttributeName,aRemDevAddr);

    TRequestStatus stat1,stat2;

    TIASResponse results;



    Thanks in advance!

    Jack lee


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    I think you need to wait for the Query() function to finish - I believe this number is the decimal representation of KReqPending or something similar (I forget the name). This function appears to be an asynchronous function, so immediately after it (unless you handle this as an active object) you need a User::WaitForRequest(stat2) to make the program pause until it finishes. Then stat2 should not still be set to pending. At the moment you set the function off, then immediately print the status before you've allowed the function to finish.

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    Yes. after adding User::WaitForRequest(stat2)
    the leave error don't happen any more.

    Thank you very much!
    Jack lee

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