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    Problem on running application on real phone

    Hi, there:

    I had written an midlet. It can be run on emulator, java standard one and symbian Series 50 MIDP concept SDK Beta 0.3, Nokia edition.

    I had set the heap size to 200KB. The midlet can run.

    I package the midlet with necessary classes together into a jar and jad file, change the Profile to MIDP-1.0.
    It can run in the nokia emualtion without any problem.

    Then I download it onto Nokia 7650, it reports that Memory is Full.

    And I know that the heap size of Nokia 7650 will be the free memory size on the mobile phone, I check the free memory size is above 1MB.

    Can anyone tell me that:

    1. What does "memroy is full" mean on Nokia 7650?
    2. Why my application can not run on the real phone while it can run on the emulator with the constraints mentioned above?

    thanks in adv.

    Some add-on:

    I had tested it on palm m505. It works. Normally, the heap size of MIDP on Palm is 200KB.

    I belive the problem is on the nokia phone or emulator.

    I need someone confirm that for me.
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