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    How to automatically copy files from soruce folder to BUILD folder

    My application need to process some specific data files. I put these files under my data folder. Anybody here knows how I can automatically copy them from my
    folder to the ...\epoc32\BUILD\Release\ARMI\UREL folder? What I mean is that when I type in
    abld build armi urel
    these data files can be automatically copied from the source folder to the target folder. Is there any good way to do these? It will gives our end users great convenience. Could I do something in the mmp file?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    List all the files u need to export and their corresponding locations in the bld.inf file using PRJ_EXPORTS.

    For example:

    ..\mysource\help.dat \epoc32\build\release\armi\urel\help.dat

    This should work. If not try using abld export.


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