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    Http connection with Series 60 MIDP for Symbian OS emulator - no luck

    Hello there

    I've been trying to make a HTTP connection with the emulator for the Series 60 but so far without luck. If I, however, use the Nokia 7210 emulator that comes with Nokia Developer's Suite it runs perfectly.

    The Series 60 emulator hangs with a NullPointerException when it calls the HttpConnection.openInputStream() (just after I select Acces point - DirectHTTP).

    Anyone experienced similar problems?

    Best regards

    Bjoern D. Rasmussen

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    i've make a HTTP connetcion with Nokia7650 and no with 7210...
    I use this code:

    HttpConnection conn = (HttpConnection) Connector.open(
    "http://www.123.com" );
    InputStream s = null;

    s = conn.openInputStream();
    ch = s.read();

    if (s != null) {
    if (conn != null) {

    can u send me your code for connetion in hhtp with nokia7210? tnk's

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    My code

    My code looks pretty much the same
    public void doHttp(String url) throws IOException
    System.out.println("opening socket");
    HttpConnection http = (HttpConnection)Connector.open(url);
    System.out.println("Socket opened");

    System.out.println("Getting inputstream");
    InputStream is = http.openInputStream();
    System.out.println("Got inputstream");

    System.out.println("Reading from stream");
    char c;
    StringBuffer str = new StringBuffer(1024);
    while ((c = (char) is.read()) != -1)
    if (c != 0xFF)

    System.out.println("Finished reading from stream");

    It stops with a NullPointerException when I call http.openInputStream();

    Have you configured the Series 60 emulator in any special way?

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