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    get phone number automatically

    I want my WAP application to automatically use the phone number of the mobile phone device that is accessing the application rather than have them enter it in manually.

    Is this possible ?

    Or as a comprimise is there a quick and simple way for the user to place their own phone number in an input field without having to key it in each time.

    Reason is I am using the phone number of the device as a login id for a database to serve information back to the user based on their phone number.


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    Is it possible?
    Well, the answer is "yes", but you probably won't be able to.

    The functionality exists, however, depending on your regional privacy laws, most carriers do not give mobile user's private information such as phone number (MSISDN). From Nokia phones, they will come in the "X-Nokia-MSISDN" header. However, most carriers are required to filter-out this information from the message headers before they pass onto the internet. In many cases, this information is even filtered out before passing into an different carrier's network when the mobile user is roaming.

    In some cases, mobile content providers can form an agreement with carriers to have access to this type of information (i.e. they can get special connection to the carrier network and the messages are not filtered).

    If you do a "Search" on "phone numbers" you will find more information from many older threads and discussions like these

    http header for passing MSISDN

    howto: identify a mobile phone

    Get phone number from WML page (code)

    Have fun!


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