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    how I start wap?

    what should i do to compile applications written in wml and wml script. which wap toolkit version is best for new application developers.please help me in this way .there r a lot of technoligies on forum.nokia , i am confused which to select to start wap application developments.

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    No worries.

    First, chose a target phone to begin with.
    Let's say... Nokia 7210. Then download the "Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.0" (NMIT 4.0)and the "Nokia 7210 Content Authoring SDK 1.0".

    They can be found from http://www.forum.nokia.com/browsing
    under "Tools and SDKs".

    With the NMIT 4.0, it is very simple.
    The NMIT 4.0 has a wizard which can help you create WML content. Then you can modify (play around with it) and push it to the 7210 Phone Emulator to check it out on the phone!

    Don't forget to get the "Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.0 User's Guide" because it has lots of useful information. And also the "Nokia 7210 Content Authoring SDK 1.0, User's and Installation Guide"

    They can be found from
    under "Documents".

    When you are ready to try more phones, you can decide what you can do with each phone by looking at
    "Nokia GSM WAP Phone Characteristics v1.4"
    "Nokia GSM WAP Phone WML and XHTML Elements v1.4"

    If you want to learn more about how WAP works, try looking at
    "Introduction to WAP over GPRS v1.0"

    There is not alot of Beginner material for "WML" specifically because more and more phones can now do XHTML and there are is so much more capability with XHTML. So, if you are already an HTML developer, I'd take a look at doing XHTML.

    And lastly... have fun with it!


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