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    SyncML software for 9220

    Posted by Giorgio di Bono, giorgio.dibono@inlinea.it
    on May 06, 2002 at 19:13

    We've installed the Nokia 9220 emulator and later the RemoteSync1.10_9210dev.sis software to test a Sync server.
    Running the "Remote Sync" program, We got the error:
    Note: not found!

    Did You have any experience on this?

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    RE: SyncML software for 9220

    I never got that error and I have tried it on a 9210 (I hope you meant 9210 and not 9220).
    All I can suggest you is to reboot your device and see if it works for you. All I undestand from the error report is that there may be too many programs open when you tried it and had low memory to run the application.

    Good luck,

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