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    Is internet access on nokia mobiles possible via loca wireless access points?


    kind of new to this mobile stuff - comming from a Borland c++Builder app developer background.

    hopefully the ppl in here will be able to answer this question for me:

    would it be poss to develop a bit of software that logged the nokia client (it was running on) into a remote network - via a wireless access point.

    AND would it be able to keep the connection open so that audio and video could be streamed through it?

    thanks 7 your time..


    we in the UK dont look to get un-metered internet access for some time yet - prob due to the amount of money paid for 3G licenses here..


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    I think this section is not a big help for You since the PC Connectivity SDK cannot help You too much.
    But probably You should ask the people at Browsing or Symbian and Java sections on this forum.

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