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    Capability of J2ME application to disable Nokia 6600 inbuilt features like microphone


    I am new to mobile development. Please answer my Querries.

    1. Is it possible that J2ME application is capable of disabling Nokia 6600 inbuilt features like microphone ability. I have to develop an application which turns the mobile in speakerphone mode off and keeps the microphone on. Is the mobile flexible enough that if the J2ME application runs on it , the application would be able to switch the speaker off and the microphone switched on.

    2. How the J2ME application will be install to the mobile. Whether it will directly uploaded to the mobile using some means like connector or it have to be programmed directly in to mobile device??

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    1. No midlet have no such capability. It runs in a sandbox, and no chance to set/disable/edit/delete any device property.

    2. via WAP, IrDA, MMS, e-mail attachment, bluetooth

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