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    Pause, rewind, forward Sound control.

    Hi there,
    Is it possible to pause, rewind, forward and other sound control to implement over Series 60 phone?
    If not, then how the built-in Recorder in Series 60 could do it? I have been searching for hints and tips all these while on that, but couldn't find any.
    Appreciate your help.


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    You can find CMdaAudioRecorderUtility in SDK.
    It provide some functions. like


    When you maintain your position of sound, you can Pause, rewind and forward!

    Good luck!

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    Also it is possible to use MdaAudioOutputStream.
    With the Callback functions you can control the right buffers
    to play. The callback 'BufferCopied' tell you, that the sound server has a buffer finished, so you can skip the next buffers.
    Only thing you have to consider is to send the buffers just in time, it is depend on your adjusted sample rate.


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