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    Series 40 vibration problems

    I've been using vibration with several series 40 phones, and there seems to be a problem with using:

    DeviceControl.startVibra( 0, 0 );

    to detect whether vibration is possible.

    Basically, if the phone is set to a non-vibrating profile, the above call will not throw an exception, which would lead you to assume vibration will work. However, if you actually try to make the phone vibrate, an exception will be thrown. This means you can only tell whether vibration is supported by actually making it vibrate. Can Nokia confirm this is a bug, or is there something I'm missing?

    I've seen this on 7210, 3300, and 3100 models.

    Also, is vibration supported in Java on the 3100 at all, as ours seems reluctant to do do.


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    Got the same problem...

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    Actually, the 3100 problem was my bug, but the detection of vibration function in non-vibrating profiles is still a problem.

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