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    Standard Format for Concat Text Message

    Appreciate if somebody can show me the sample format for Concatenating Text Message more than 160 chars.

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    There are some examples in Smart Messaging FAQ, available at Forum Nokia site.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    To put it simply, Concatenated SMS messages exploit the user data feature of the SMS specification to put conctaneation details in the UD part of the message. There are two possibilities here either a message is 8bit or 16 bit encoded, (which from memory has IEI 0x00 or 0x08 respectively. The concatenation information then contains two further bytes storing the total number of fragments and the current message fragment number). This is because there is no gaurantee that messages will be received in part order, if at all.

    Since the concat info takes up three bytes, this leaves 3 bytes less in the message body. The first byte of the message must have the UDHI bit (bit 6 set) to inform any SMSC/parsers that there is UDH infomation in the packet and adjust lengths accordingly.

    I hope this helps you out

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