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    problem with midlet size(IMPORTANT)

    i am new in the field of mobile game programming.
    i am making a game for series 60 nokia sets(NOKIA 7650,3650).
    i have found out that

    - Memory for MIDlets: Free user memory, Up to 4 MB
    - Maximum size of one MIDlet suite: Up to 4MB, with WAP GW
    - Heap size (execution memory): Free RAM, Up to 1.4 MB

    Now i am a little bit confused. the midlet size of my game is 200kb.
    But when i am playing it in my mobile its saying out of memory.

    Now my question is what should be the MAX size of the midlet??
    which emulator i should use(plzz give me the link to download).

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    the maximum size of the MIDlet depends on the handset device itself, each devices has it's own 'max-size', you should see the specifications of the NOKIA 7650,3650 phones from the nokia Website

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