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    Jad files question

    Ok, i created a midlet and loaded on my webserver.
    I then tried to install them online on my mobile but even though it started instaling at the end it said - uninstalling because file corrupt!!!
    Then I went and used the USB cable and it was ok???so is it something with my T Mobile network? or Nokia just wouldnt let me download jad files!!
    Jar size 49kb
    here is jad:
    MIDlet-1: karman, , CS
    MIDlet-Name: karman
    MIDlet-Jar-URL: karman.jar
    MIDlet-Jar-Size: 49421
    MIDlet-Version: 1.0
    MIDlet-Vendor: 5p

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    best before that i would ask to you if that your server has know the mime of jad, if that not yet know please configuration 1st. If that server mime is not problem so please make change this configuration of MIDlet-Jar-URL become MIDlet-Jar-URL: http://yourserver/yourjad.jad.
    I hope that can be solve your problem .

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