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Thread: 3510i + MobiMB

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    3510i + MobiMB

    Hi all, I have been unable to upload apps to it from my PC (I was REALLY hacked off when I found that the data connection kit I shelled out for only allowed ringtone and image uploads), and I see many people on this forum have had the same problem. I see many of you use MobiMB, but I notice that in one thread one of the guys from Nokia warned it could damage the phone.. has anyone had any problems with it?

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    You can check that the Nokia 3510i does not have any official connectivity features: http://forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,0...0.html#matrix.

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    The response to your question in the forum. Try to search 3510 cable connection and you will discover that nobody have damnaged their own phone. Bye

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