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Thread: Cache-Control

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    I have a Nokia 3100 and want to disable the cache.
    I try by setting Cache-Control:"no-cache" directive in the HTTP header as following:

    <meta http-equiv="cache-control" content="no-cache "></meta>

    but it still does not work.

    What is the reason, can you help me?
    greeting juergen

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    meta element is not currently supported in Nokia XHTML browser. However, the cache stored in the client can be controlled using HTTP headers. The "no-cache" HTTP header directive can be set by the HTTP server hosting the pages to define that pages are not cached. Also notice that in Series 40, content is not cached by default.

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    Forum Nokia Developer Support

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    Re: Cache-Control

    in Series 40, content is not cached by default
    how can I force the cache? I have tried with http response headers like Cache-Control=public and Cache-Control max-age but whenever I try to open again the previous page it asks for it to the server.

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