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    Black text when drawing to mutable images on the 3650

    I went looking on the site for some mention of this problem and I found this thread:
    But it was really in the wrong forum and i am also having the same problem. To sum up the problem if you doing something like this on the 3650:

    Image buffer = Image.createImage(128,128);
    Graphics gbuf = buffer.getGraphics();
    gbuf.setColor(0,0,0);//set black
    gbuf.fillRect(0,0,128,128);//clear screen
    gbuf.setColor(0,0xFF,0xFF);//set the color magenta
    gbuf.drawString("If only i were magenta",0,0,0);

    And then copy this to the screen in paint and the text is all black. Check out the linked thread for a complete program that demostrates the bug. Other primitive operations dont seem to be affected. This is a huge problem as it means that any application that uses text cannot work on a buffer canvas. Anyone know a work around?
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    offscreen graphics

    I'm having the same problemm, and I need only this way of drawing the images(because of performans)
    Please, if you solved this problem post it here.

    Thanx a lot.

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    This is a simple bug. The obvious (and only) solve: avoid using imagebuffer on S60.

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