I try to make a personal java program for nokia9210, and install the sdk1.1 java version. and met some problem, i know you are an expert, please help me.

1. I tried to make a program to store the call register information and do some processing on emulator(sdk1.1). but i cannot find any API (in javaphone1.0 or personaljava)which can let me save the data i produced. (restart the emulator, all disappeared)

2. I want to use emulator to simulate the situation such as a incoming call or calling a number to try my program for call register. Could you tell me how to make it possible on emulator?

3. I used to use aifbuilder to build my application, but after i speed up the emulator and install pjae, the aifbuilder did not work any more. OS told me that aifbuilder.jar didnt existin the path it mentioned, but it did exist in the same path as before. what is wrong with SDK?

4. each time when i run a example on emulator, i cannot run another one except i open the emulator again? what is wrong?

Posted by lu wenhui, lv_wenhui@yahoo.com
on April 29, 2002 at 20:07