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    7210 Emulator firmware update?!

    Hi all,

    Is it possible to update the firmware of the 7210 emulator? It's very old, and the latest one is 4.74. The application I'm working on runs perfectly fine in the emulator and on 7210 with an older firmware but not with the latest firmware, and it's just impossible to track down what was wrong without a firmware update on the emulator. Has anyone experienced something similar?

    Thanks in advance!


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    no. the java-emulators seem to be more an environment than an emulator. there is no rom-image needed to run an j2me application.

    so there is no way to update the emulators firmare. there is none.

    you could try just a different emulator from the sun wireless toolkit or from another distributor. some devices allow on-device debugging via bluetooth.

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