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    3gp video on 3650


    i've converted several files to amr audio and 3gp video format. i transferred them via infrared on the 3650. the 3650 opens and plays them correctly with the real media player.

    if i try to download them from the WAP server it doesn't work. it opens the real player - but then it says "invalid clip format".

    the mime-types

    video/3gpp (*.3gp)
    audio/amr (*.amr)

    should be ok.

    any ideas what i'm missing?

    many thanks in advance!


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    whr can we get more information about 3gp

    hi all,

    can anybody tell me from whr we can get more information about 3gp video file format....

    if it possible for us to create our own video if we have encoded bytestreams for audio and video separately....

    i was wondering if anybody cud help me on this......

    it's urgent.....

    waiting for response...


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    how can i convert vedio file from my pc to 3gp

    hi it seems you are proffisionales here please help me :
    please tell me how you convert files to 3gp and what was there previous extension and what program you use to convert
    and do you know when i installed eticamcorder program on my 3650 the recorded file splited into 2 files audio file+vediofile how can i merge them to watch them at my pc

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    How to convert to 3gp

    Simple use the "Nokia Multimedia Coverter 2.0" tool. You can download it from this site.

    It converts files like an MPEG, AVI, MOV to a 3GP file.

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    same problem here! anyone pls answer the fist question?

    I set the MIME type to video/3gpp also doesnt work!

    help ~~~~~

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