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    PHP compatability with NMIT 4.0

    ok...here's my problem...and its been a big problem for some time....I cannot run any PHP-related code under the NMIT version 4.

    What i did to fix this was simply download version 3 and my code worked fine when testing.... I have apache configured to handle WML content and i know this works because it worked just fine when i was running NMIT version 3.

    I'd have no problem using version 3 of the toolkit, but it has expired, thus forcing me to updrade to atleast version 4 (which will not display my PHP output).....

    Im confused as hell, my boss is about to fire my ass, and i need a fix .....preferably soon!!!!!!!!!!!....

    Can someone PLEASE show me how to make my NMIT 4.0 accept and handle PHP code.....PLEASE!!!

    warm regards....

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    I think its does not metter if that your application still can run at NMIT 3 also at NMIT 4 its can may be you msut update your Java J2SDK or Java Run time new version please go to www.sun.com to find new version and I hope it can answer your question.

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