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    Unexpected Status Code" Emulator Problems with NMIT 4.0 and Series 60 SDK 1.2

    I'm trying to run down a user-reported incompatibility between the 7650 and certain areas of our WAP site. I've installed NMIT 4.0 and Series 60 SDK 1.2 to do this.

    But for the life of me, I cannot get the WAP emulator to connect to our live WAP site. All I get is "WAP: Unexpected Status Code" on the virtual Series 60 phone. It doesn't matter what URL I try. Even the Nokia WAP site won't work.

    I used Nokia emulators extensively a couple of years back (when first developing our site) with no problems. My maybe the years have made me mentally feeble.

    I must be missing something stupid. Any suggestions?

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    Have you tested to use WAP Gateway simulator with the Series 60 SDK 1.2?

    Remember to set the proxy settings if they are needed on your system.

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    Pete / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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