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    series 60 v.20 emulator - internet connection through RAS

    series 60 v2.0 emulator - internet connection through RAS( for windows 2000)


    To configure above connection, SDK help will not speack much about how emulator can be configured to use NULL MODEM

    i am not able to open the comms database by using setupcomms because , i am getting error that

    T_editdb.exe is not found .

    how can i use setupcomms command ? and edit the communcation databse for NULL MODEM. if i edit what should be the modem settings?

    i found emulator_remote_acesss_in_windows_2000.v1.0 pdf
    which is for series 60 v1.2, speaks that comms databse should
    set for DIAL OUT ISP and MODEM settings.

    should i do the same operation in v2.0 also? if so, how can i edit communcation database?


    After emulator is connected to internet through RAS, will windows 2000 display any message ?( it will display when we configure RAS and test it without using emulator)

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    Try "setupcomms.bat -wins" or "setupcomms.bat -help" for all options.

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